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Summoners War Chronicles: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Level up as fast as possible using this beginners guide

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Summoners War Chronicles Ultimate Beginners Guide

Summoners War Chronicles is an action RPG that allows players to use various fun classes and characters in a vibrant fantasy setting. Taking inspiration from the massive success of similar titles like Genshin Impact, the game is another excellent addition to the action RPG genre.

For new players, the game might seem daunting at first. There are a lot of stats and information players need to know to level up their Power attribute or make sure they know how to level up their monster companion properly.

Luckily, this guide will provide you with easy 5 beginner tips to jumpstart your Summoner’s War Chronicles journey. Let’s dive in.

5 Beginner Tips for New Players

There are a couple of things newbie players need to figure out from the start to effectively position themselves for success in this game.

1. Summoners

The characters players get to use in the game are called Summoners. These summoners come in many different classes. All the classes that are available for players are:

  • Summoner of Guard
  • Summoner of Magic
  • Summoner of Healing
1. Summoners
Image source: Claytano

Each summoner has its own playstyle that is best suited for it. For example, the guard wields his trusty shield which is best utilized as a tank soaking up damage while your monster deals the most damage.

2. Monsters

Monsters in Summoners War Chronicles are the trusty familiars that aid you in your battles. These creatures come in different types, namely:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Dark
2. Monsters
Image source: Claytano

Each type has a certain weakness like Fire is weak against water while the wind is weak against fire. Exceptions are light and dark since both deal greater damage to each other.

Monsters can be in different star tiers in which the 4 or 5 stars are the strongest available in the game.

3. Upgrading and Level up

Upgrading your summoner and Monster is imperative if you want to become stronger in Summoners War Chronicles. Players can upgrade by accumulating experience points.

3. Upgrading and Level up
Image source: Claytano

Experience points can be earned by accomplishing quests, clearing dungeons, and field hunts. For an extra added XP boost, you can consume an XP potion that gives you massive experience points.

4. Reroll

Rerolling is a method that ensures you get the best possible monsters in your first account. We have a separate guide for that within this website, but it’s basically restarting your game with a different game.

This ensures that you restart your rolls so that you can get the best monsters you can get early on. Make sure to also change your name before you delete your account.

5. Additional Activities and skills

The game not only offers players the prospect to destroy monsters and achieve quests. Players can also delve into other activities such as fishing.

experience points to accumulate
Image source: Claytano

Fishing comes with its own set of experience points to accumulate, with the higher the level the more effective your character gets at the activity. There’s definitely a lot more to explore within the game’s world so make sure you check every nook and cranny before you drop a review.

Take to heart every part of this guide to effectively become the best beginner possible!

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