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Summoners War Chronicles: Monsters Upgrade Guide

Monsters define whether you can make or break your battles

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Summoners War Chronicles Monsters Upgrade Guide

Monsters are the hero’s partner, especially when during battles. They provide you with healing, damage boost, or even reduced cooldown depending on which monster you have with you currently.

Did you know that players can upgrade these monsters, thereby making them much more effective against enemies? Upgrading them makes them much more useful and definitely more deadly against enemies. Here’s a guide on how to upgrade your monsters.

How to Upgrade Monsters

There are numerous ways you can upgrade your monsters in Summoners War Chronicles. I’ve compiled the best 5 ways you can easily implement the next time you log into the game.

1. Attributes

There are 5 different types of attributes a Monster can have

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Water
  • Light
  • Dark
Image source: Cruelzgaming

Additionally, Monsters can deal greater damage according to their attributes. For example, Light and Dark attributes can deal greater damage than each other.

Meanwhile, Fire can deal greater damage against the wind, Wind can deal greater damage to water, and water can deal greater damage to fire.

2. Level up

Upgrading Monsters will boost their stat, making them much more effective against enemies.

Level up
Image source: Cruelzgaming

Primarily, monsters can gain stats and experience once you use XP potions on them. This will greatly level up their experience making them stronger.

Alternatively, clearing dungeons and accomplishing field hunts are also good additional ways you can upgrade your monster.

3. Skill Enhancements

Another method of upgrading your monster is enhancing your monster skill.

Skill Enhancements
Image source: Cruelzgaming

The Monster’s Skill effect is increased if you manage to enhance your monster’s skills.  However, remember that it requires 10 monster pieces to enhance your monster, regardless of the attribute.

Additionally, Skills enhanced during skill enhancement are randomly selected, so remember this when you’re doing this method.

4. Evolution

Evolution is another way of upgrading a monster. Evolution increases the monster’s star grade and power upon evolution.

Image source: Cruelzgaming

Evolution requires monster pieces of the same monster, regardless of the attribute.

5. Awakening

The final method players can implement is to awaken their monsters. Awakening monsters require a monster to first reach a certain level before users can perform awakening.


The appearance of a monster and its name will change when you awaken them. Moreover, certain monsters will gain new skills post-awakening. the monster name will change.

Awakening requires the essence of magic, the essence of water, and breathe of life.

essence of magic the essence of water and breathe of life

Simply follow this guide to effectively upgrade your monsters!

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