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Summoners War Chronicles: Monster Tier List | Which one is Best

Obtain these monsters as they are better than the others

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Summoners War Chronicles Character Tier List Which one is Best 1

Summoners War Chronicles is the most recent installment in the Summoners War series. In this action role-playing game, monsters are also used in battle.

You may summon various monsters in the game, and we’ll show you which ones are the greatest.

Character Tier List, Which one is Best in Summoners War Chronicles

Character Tier List Which one is Best in Summoners War Chronicles
Credits: TrollGaming

The monster count in Summoners War: Chronicles exceeds 150. Warrior Class, Knight Class, Assassin Class, Mage Class, Support Class, and Archer Class are the six different types of monsters.

Monsters have different form variants for each of the five attributes. For instance, there are Ifrits for Fire, Water, and Wind.

Character Tier List for Summoners War Chronicles

Character Tier List for Summoners War Chronicles
Credits: Claytano

There are three different summoners available. Cleaf, a summoner of the tank class, is an option. The magician class is Orbia. Kina, the class of the healer, comes last.

The summoner you select will determine the monsters you will summon and the build you build for your team. By displaying our game’s tier list to you, we will assist you in making your decision.

Tier SMonkey King, Chimera, Archangel, Polar Queen, Occult Girl, Panda Warrior, Valkyrja, Desert Queen, Ifrit, Joker, Pirate Captain, Kobold Bomber, Undine, Beast Monk, Jack-o-lantern, Sky Dancer, Mermaid, Magic Knight, Vampire, Sylph
Tier APenguin Knight, Vagabond, Mystic Witch, High Elemental, Griffon, Inugami, Battle Mammoth, Lizardman, Martial Cat, Amazon, Werewolf, Inferno, Cow Girl, Imp Champion, Harpu, Howl, Harg, Epikion Priest
Tier BFairy, Living armor, Golem, Grim Reaper, Serpent, Frankenstein, Salamander, Harpy, Charger Shark, Mummy, Imp, Pixie, Hellhound Garuda, Warbear, Elemental, Yeti, Gore
Tier CManed Boar, Monster Flower, Skull Soldier, Mischievous Bat, Battle Scorpion, Surprise Box
Tier DFrost Keeper, Horned Frog, Mushroom, Mimick, Slime, Sandman, Ghost, Low Elemental

The powerful monsters begin in the S tier. The finest of all the monsters are these ones. Although you can’t go to the best, the A tier has powerful monsters.

Good monsters are on the B-tier. There are some decent monsters on the C tier, but there are also some better ones. The creatures you should avoid using are in Tier D, the last tier.

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