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Summoners War Chronicles: How to Unlock Blacksmithing

Do this mission to unlock Blacksmithing

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Summoners War Chronicles How to Unlock Blacksmithing

In Summoners War Chronicles, crafting professions are available. You can utilize raw resources by using these professions to create goods that can empower your monsters.

Unlocking blacksmithing will give you the ability to craft unique items that will increase the power of your monster.

How to Unlock Blacksmithing in Summoners War Chronicles

How to Unlock Blacksmithing in Summoners War Chronicles
Credits: Gamers Heroes

Blacksmithing is one of the four Crafting Professions in Summoners War Chronicles. You can improve your units by creating gear, weapons, and a variety of other things using this profession.

This will also help you use an element you do not have by crafting a weapon with that element.

Act 2 of the main story quest must be reached to unlock Blacksmithing.

Unlocking Blacksmithing

Unlocking Blacksmithing Summoners War Chronicles
Credits: Gamers Heroes

In Summoners War Chronicles’ main mission, you can get all the Crafting Professions. In Act 2 of The Rahil Kingdom Story, you can learn the professions of Processing and Blacksmithing.

Additionally, youu may need to bring a lot of water-type monsters with you because there are a lot of fire-type enemies in this section of the main story mission.

water type monsters
Credits: Gamers Heroes

You will learn to mine and acquire materials after you reach Chapter 12. You’ll be required to use the Processing Table to turn the ores you collect into ingots in Chapter 13.

You will now be able to access the Processing Profession.

Processing Table
Credits: Gamers Heroes

The Blacksmithing Profession can be unlocked using the Processing Table a second time. You can now create weapons that will strengthen you. You must first acquire materials and convert them into ores to craft gear.

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