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Summoners War Chronicles: How to Swap Monsters

Select this in the main menu to swap monsters

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Summoners War Chronicles How to Swap Monsters

Compared to other Summoners War games, Summoners War Chronicles has a different gameplay style.

But the game’s main element of gathering creatures to utilize in combat is still there. It is an action RPG with an open World.

You will eventually want to switch the creatures you have collected while playing the game. You will see how to do it from us.

How to Swap Monsters in Summoners War Chronicles

How to Swap Monsters in Summoners War Chronicles
Credits: Gamers Heroes

In Summoners War Chronicles, monsters come in a variety of attributes. They can be Water, Fire, Wind, Dark, or Light. A Vagabond monster might, for instance, be made of wind, fire, or water.

You can summon monsters at the Summon Altar, which is displayed on the menu. The summoner you selected will then be the basis of whatever monsters to obtain.

You’ll need a support and tank monster if you use the magician-type character Orbia. As you acquire stronger and better monsters, you must replace your present ones.

Swapping Monsters

Swapping Monsters 1
Credits: Gamers Heroes

In the game, the enemies you run into have attributes as well. For instance, enemies of the fire type will be plentiful throughout Act 2 of the main story mission.

You’ll want to equip water-type monsters to take them out quickly. But what if you’re outfitted with a wind- or fire-type monster?

Composition 1 1
Credits: Gamers Heroes

You only need to select the Composition in the Monsters section found in the Main Menu after opening it.

The monsters you have on the right and the ones you have equipped on the left are both located here.

Simply click the monster you wish to equip on the left, then click the one you wish to remove from your team on the left.

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