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Summoners War Chronicles: How to Reroll and Who to Summon | Reroll Guide

Guarantee a strong 4 star summon right off the bat

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Summoners War Chronicles How to Reroll and Who to Summon Reroll Guide

RPG games like Summoners War Chronicles, not only immerse players into their amazing fantasy-like worlds but also capture audiences with their fun battle mechanics. Summoners War allows players to fight alongside nifty summon characters.

These summon characters are useful companions during battle. They have a variety of skills that can assist you in dealing with damage or help you heal up during a harsh fight. They also look pretty cool, having a stellar visual design on top of packing a severe extra punch during battle.

The problem is they are acquired mostly by luck during rolls. But, did you know that there’s a way you can guarantee you’ll get the good 4-star summons right off the bat? This guide is going to teach you exactly that. So, let’s dive in.

Summoners War Chronicles Reroll Secret

The secret sauce to guarantee amazing rerolls is to delete your character and start over. Weird, right? But highly effective. Here’s why.

How to Reroll in Summoners War Chronicles

Image source: Clintwulf

When you begin your journey in Summoners War, players will be introduced to the basics mechanics needed to play the game. After a while, you will encounter the game’s first 2 boss battles. This means you’re getting close to the game’s first-ever roll.

How to Reroll in Summoners War Chronicles

After completing Chapter 1.6, you will be introduced to the roll system. For your first roll, you will be guaranteed to receive a Harpu, so don’t worry about the first one.

The reroll commences after that one. Use your summoner scrolls to reroll. They are given as rewards in your inbox so make sure to collect all of them.

summoner scrolls
Image source: Clintwulf

Remember, your goal is to land the awesome four-star monsters or to get another other than blue. Make sure to use up all your available summoner scrolls to you will know whether you got lucky in this account.

The truth is, games like these are pretty stingy when it comes to providing awesome rolls early on, so try to get a good to reroll.

If you don’t get good then it’s time to initiate the secret sauce. To do this, simply change your name using the free name change you’re given.

Afterward, you can delete your account then create a new one then keep rerolling till you get awesome rolls.

secret sauce.
Image source: Clintwulf

Keep doing this method until you get 4 stars. Simply follow these steps and you will eventually land a good reroll!

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