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Summoners War Chronicles: How to Progress Faster

Explore the vast world of Summoners War Chronicles and make the most out of your stay.




Summoners War Chronicles How to Progress Faster

In the game Summoners War Chronicles, you will be dealing a lot with combat scenarios as you dwell on the quests and challenges.

Different events, quests, and challenges give you different experience points as you finish them. And these experience points are used to level up your characters.

As you level up your characters, they get even stronger and new skills are also unlocked.

As you move on to the next main quests, the story also unfolds.

Through this guide, we will help you how to progress faster in the game and not get stuck for too long.

How to Progress Faster in Summoners War Chronicles

How to Progress Faster in Summoners War Chronicles
Source: TrollGaming

In this guide, we will be giving out tips on what you can possibly do in order to progress fast while playing Summoners War Chronicles.

Do Not Focus Only on 5-stars

Do Not Focus on 5 stars
Source: TrollGaming

If you are a free-to-play player who just wants to find out the fun in playing these games and are not a big spender when it comes to games, it is recommended not to focus on 5-star characters and just focus on 4-star characters instead.

The reason behind this is that the 5-star characters are incredibly hard to evolve and awaken. In terms of the awaken, 5-star characters take too many essences and breath of life.

On the other hand, evolution also takes too much time because of the difficulty of getting five-star food for them.

getting five star food
Source: TrollGaming

However, 4-star characters are way easier to awaken and evolve. Evolving these heroes only requires 4-star foods which are also very easy to obtain.

All you have to do is exchange your pieces to get 4-star food.

Spend If You’re a Spender

Spend If Youre a Spender
Source: TrollGaming

Contrary to the first one, if you enjoy spending real money on your game, then it is recommended to buy all the premium passes and subscriptions in the game.

In doing this, you will be able to get the expensive packs and the best boosts that you can find in the game.

Follow Adventure Record

Follow Adventure Record
Source: TrollGaming

The next thing you should know in expediting your progress is by following the Adventures Record. In doing this, you will be able to easily evolve, progress, and get a lot of free and amazing stuff in the game.

Aside from that, the Adventures Record is, in fact, your main source of Summoning Scrolls.

Manage Your Gems

Manage Your Gems 1
Source: TrollGaming

Gems are your premium currency inside the game which means it is a lot harder to obtain than gold. With that, you have to spend more wisely when it comes to spending gems.

If you are thinking about what you can get in the shop with your gems, it is recommended to purchase the Chaos Essence Chest.

You can see this in the consumables in the shop. This can only be purchased once a week in each account.

Chaos Essence Chest

Aside from that, it will also be very helpful to buy both the Path of Growth Ticket Package and the Essence Dungeon Ticket Package.

You can purchase each for 500 red gems in the Growth/Evolution tab once a week.

Have Diverse Elements in Your Team

Have Diverse Elements in Your Team
Source: TrollGaming

Another thing you might want to consider is having different kinds of elemental powers in your team.

This will actually be advantageous for you as you will be facing different elements per chapter in the campaign.

Having only one kind of element is highly a disadvantage especially if you are about to deal with the boss.

You might end up dealing only a small amount of damage and will take you a while in defeating the boss.

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