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Summoners War Chronicles: How to Exchange Pieces

Go to this shop in any starting town to exchange pieces

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Summoners War Chronicles How to Exchange Pieces

The primary gameplay element in Summoners War Chronicles is monsters.

To make them stronger, you can summon them, level them up, evolve them, enhance their skills, and many other things. You can get Monster Pieces as you summon them.

We’ll explain what they are and how to exchange them for others.

How to Exchange Pieces in Summoners War Chronicles

How to Exchange Pieces in Summoners War Chronicles
Credits: Gamers Heroes

A Monster Piece is a currency-like item in Summoners War Chronicles. If you summon a duplicate monster, you can get it. It will then become a Monster Piece as a result.

It can also be acquired by completing quests and farming a certain dungeon.

The skills of your monster can be upgraded or evolved with Monster Pieces. If you possess enough of it, you can summon a monster. To obtain Rainbowmon, you can also utilize it in the Monster Piece Exchange.

Exchanging Pieces

Exchanging Pieces
Credits: Gamers Heroes

Any starting town on any island where you choose to trade your Monster Piece is a location for the Monster Piece Exchange. Monsters come in various rarities, with five stars being the rarest.

Also included will be Monster Pieces. Consider a situation when you own a Wind Vagabond and acquire a second one. It will then change into a four-star Monster Piece if that happens.

Therefore, if you get a second copy of that monster, the Monster Piece will have the same rarity. You can trade your Monster Piece for another piece in the Monster Piece Exchange.

For instance, if you don’t already have an Archangel monster, you can get one by trading your piece. But to do it, you’ll need a five-star Monster Piece.

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