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Star Stable: Ghost Hunting Location | Halloween Quest Guide

Do the Halloween events to obtain Autumn Tokens

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Star Stable Ghost Hunting Location Halloween Quest Guide

In Jorvik, Halloween has arrived, along with a host of spooky activities. Some shops in Star Stable sell goods with a Halloween theme during the event. Additionally, spooky decorations will be used to decorate the entire island. Autumn Tokens, a new form of currency, will be used at this year’s Halloween event.

Ghost hunting is one of the activities that can provide you with an Autumn Token, and we’ll show you how to accomplish it.

Ghost Hunting Location, Halloween Quest Guide in Star Stable

Registrar ghost in Gallopers Keep
Credits: Star Stable Online United

Galloper Thompson’s tale is continued in Star Stable’s Halloween event. You will also need to chase ghosts throughout this event.

The ghost in Firgrove is one of the ghosts you must find. For the quest “The stargazing ghost,” you must speak with the Registrar ghost in Galloper’s Keep.

Firgrove Ghost Location

Firgrove Ghost Location 2
Firgrove Ghost Location 2

After speaking with the Registrar, proceed to Firgrove. Head outdoors and downhill.

Registrar proceed to Firgrove 2
Credits: Star Stable Online United

Turn left when you come to the signs.

right hand path 2

Then take the right-hand path.


Until you encounter a ghost in the middle of the way, continue.

A breath of fresh air

To complete the quest “The stargazing ghost,” speak with the wandering ghost. The “A breath of fresh air” task will be presented to you once you have finished speaking. The quest aims to transport the Wandering Ghost to Jorvik’s highest point.

ascend the mountain

Turn around and ascend the mountain.

road with the lanterns

You will be close to your destination once you come to the road with the lanterns on the sides.

Wandering Ghost 1 1
Credits: Star Stable Online United

The Wandering Ghost will get off your horse when you get to the encampment. To complete the “A breath of fresh air” quest, speak with the Wandering Ghost.

After speaking with him

After speaking with him, he will assign you the next mission, which requires you to return to Galloper’s Keep. To complete the task and acquire 2 Autumn Tokens, speak with the Registrar at Galloper’s Keep.

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