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Star Ocean the Divine Force: How to Find Postgame Dungeon

Discover the postgame dungeon in Star Ocean the Divine Force and take on some unknown hostile creatures.




Star Ocean the Divine Force is a newly released action role-playing game by tri-Ace. Despite it being a new game, a lot of players are already drawn into the adventures of this game.

Just like other action role-playing games such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, this game also involves a lot of quests and objectives while making use of different characters in-game.

One of the tasks that you have to do is locate the Postgame Dungeon.

In this guide, we will be telling you how to find the location of the postgame dungeon.

Finding the Postgame Dungeon in Star Ocean the Divine Force

Source: Swillo The PandaKing

Locating the entrance going to the postgame dungeon is actually a pretty easy task. You just have to deal with some levitating platforms with the use of other characters that you have.

Source: Swillo The PandaKing

You will start by going to Nihlbeth. From here, you will see a gigantic two-door entrance going to Nihlbeth Ancient Coil.

Once you have entered through this door, you will have to pass through another door to finally get inside.

Source: Swillo The PandaKing

When you enter the door, face the northeast side of the room and you will see a blue flare from the ground. Approach it and stand on it to let it teleport you to the location where you have to go.

Source: Swillo The PandaKing

Once you have successfully landed here, face the left side of where you are. You will see a tablet on a podium and a big cube blocking the path.

Source: Swillo The PandaKing

Interact with the tablet and it will trigger the large cube to descend and clear the way for you. It will reveal an entrance to the room.

Head inside and turn right. You will see another room with another tablet.

Source: Swillo The PandaKing

Wait for your other characters to arrive here. Once everyone is here, switch characters and head to the stairs across the entrance earlier.

As you climb up the staircase, turn right and the whole platform will lead you to another interactive tablet. When you arrive here, interact with it and it will act as an elevator to get you to the lower floor.

Once it successfully landed on the floor, head straight to the room with crystals. Make your way to the left of the room and you will see a dark path. Enter it to trigger a cutscene.

After the conversations, you will be able to pass through here and the task is complete.

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