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Star Ocean The Divine Force: How to Create the Best Armor | Armor Guide

Level these Item Creation Skills to create the best armor

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Star Ocean The Divine Force How to Create the Best Armor for Eac

On October 27, Star Ocean: The Divine Force was just released. The game is the most recent entry in the Star Ocean franchise. It is a role-playing action game. Additionally, it has two characters; depending on which one you select, the plot will appear differently.

Each character in the game needs armor, and we’ll show you how to make the best.

How to Create the Best Armor in Star Ocean The Divine Force

StarOcean DF screenshot12 ct87ibmen

Star Ocean: The Divine Force features ten playable characters. Light armor and Heavy armor are the 2 types of armor available.

Both heavy and light armor are open to some characters. The Smithery and Alchemy skills in the item creation skill need to be leveled up to create the best armor.

Creating the Best Armor

Creating the Best Armor
Credits: Primalliquid

In Star Ocean: The Divine Force, for Midas to produce the greatest Heavy armor and Malkya the best Light armor, you need a level 10 in Smithery.

To make a Philosopher’s Stone, Albaird also requires a level 10 in Alchemy.

a level 10 in Smithery
Credits: Primalliquid

You must make the Kavacha Plate for the Heavy and Light armor, the Aegis Guard.

the Kavacha Plate
Credits: Primalliquid

To make them, create a Philosopher’s Stone first by selecting Albaird in the Alchemy window. Once you have a Philosopher’s Stone, select Midas from the Smithery menu and start crafting with it.

Credits: Primalliquid

Given that it is random, you might need to perform it again to obtain a Kavacha Plate. Select Malkya in the Smithery window and use the Philosopher’s Stone to create the Aegis Guard. Additionally, a lot of Fol will be required for this.

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