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STALCRAFT: Where to Find Whale

The Killer Whale quest can only be completed once you find and kill Whale in STALCRAFT.




STALCRAFT Where to Find Whale

STALCRAFT is a multiplayer online first-person shooter that features survival horror gameplay. It’s a dynamic shooter with role-playing and open-world elements. The majority of the game takes place out in the open in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which the player will explore.

Search for relics, hunt mutants, venture into new territories, complete missions and laboratories, and participate in faction conflicts. The Killer Whale quest is just one of the many tasks in the game.

If you’re having a hard time completing this quest, we’ve made this guide to make things easier for you. Keep reading below to find out Whale’s location and how to complete the Killer Whale quest.

The Killer Whale

The Killer Whale

Story missions and cutscenes teach us a lot about STALCRAFT’s backstory. As we explore the Zone and interact with its inhabitants, we learn its secrets and meet some fascinating new people.

The Killer Whale is one of the quests in STALCRAFT. This quest requires you to find and kill Whale. But how can you do this without knowing the exact location?

Whale Location

Whale Location

You can find Whale inside a house in The Dark Valley area indicated in the map above. Get inside the house and head downstairs, where you can locate Whale. Prepare to defeat enemies, as there are a lot of them inside the house. Once you kill Whale, head back upstairs, and the NPC will talk to you, signaling the end of the quest.

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