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STALCRAFT: How to Defeat Minstrel

Pack up your weapons and reload your mags as you engage in a long fight against Minstrel.




STALCRAFT How to Defeat Minstrel

The new massively multiplayer online role-playing game has arrived. STALCRAFT is a dynamic shooting game that you can enjoy with your friends as you strive hard to survive all the fighting, traps, and horror elements in the game.

Since this game also incorporates the open-world mechanic, everyone that you can meet in this world can be an enemy. That is why it is important to be vigilant of your surroundings, but still, consider benevolence.

However, the other players are not just the enemies here. As you progress in this game, you will be tasked to do different missions. Sometimes your mission just concerns collecting resources, finding missing items, or even defeating a particular enemy.

One of the enemies that you will encounter is the Minstrel.

How to Defeat the Minstrel in STALCRAFT

How to Defeat the Minstrel in STALCRAFT

Source: TRYL

As you go on with the game, you will be given a task called Hunting Minstrel. Your goal is to kill the Minstrel.

Once you have already found the location of the Minstrel, you have to look for a hiding spot wherein you can take cover.

How to Defeat the Minstrel in STALCRAFT 1

Source: TRYL

If you still have no idea where to hide, this bush here is a good one. Make sure to set a marker on this location so that you can easily go here when you need it.

However, in order to hide, you have to keep crouching while tracking the movement of the Minstrel even when it is also covered by the bush. From there, you can spam shooting to where you think the Minstrel is. If you shot the Minstrel, it will make a sound that will make it easier for you to track it. But this is not as easy as it is.

Finishing It Down

Finishing It Down

Source: TRYL

Eventually, your opponent will spot your hiding spot. It can either grab, suck, or attack you. Any of this will deal great damage so you have to keep shooting it to let go.

Once you are free from him, you can jump to the right side and circle around to go back to your hiding spot. But remember, the Minstrel has already found you and he will easily find you there again. It will sure take a while to hide, shoot, and run around. But this is a good stunt to damage and kill it.

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