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STALCRAFT: Barter Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Collect weapons and gears the right way by learning how to barter.




STALCRAFT Barter Guide Everything You Need to Know

STALCRAFT is an open-world first-player shooter game which means that having the appropriate and good quality weapons, equipment, and gear is essential. However, these items, especially the good quality ones, are not easily obtained.

In other games, gathering and obtaining items are called crafting. But in this game, it is called bartering. Learn the basics of bartering with us.

Everything You Need to Know About Barter in STALCRAFT

Everything You Need to Know About Barter in STALCRAFT

Source: FaizedFox Gaming

Bartering is the default way of obtaining gears and weapons in the game. However, it’s actually a pretty in-depth system. There are a lot of things that you have to understand before you master the art of bartering in STALCRAFT.

That being said, we made this brief guide to give you some tips on what you need to know about barter.

The Barter

The Barter

Source: FaizedFox Gaming

You can get the new gear from the barter. It can easily be located in the minimap since it is identified by a gun icon.

The Barter 1

Source: FaizedFox Gaming

Simply approach and talk to this man. Once you talk to him, you will see the Barter Tree.

The barter tree is what you barter through to move up and get better-quality guns.

The Barter Tree

The Barter Tree

Source: FaizedFox Gaming

If you look at the barter tree, it looks exactly like skill trees from other games. You must unlock the first gun before you can move to the next.

The direction of the barter tree is from left to right. This means that when you start playing, the first gun that you can have is the Worn AKS-74U under Warlord’s HQ level 1. After you reached the required level for the next purchase, which is level 3, you can now have either an AKS-74U or a Worn L85A1.

Just remember that you can only purchase a leveled-up gun after buying its basic form.

The Barter Tree 1

Source: FaizedFox Gaming

Now, let’s talk about buying a better version of your gun. Aside from the currency, you are also required to collect specific dropped items. You can check what items are needed by clicking the gun. A pop-up panel will show on the right side of your screen. There, you can see the needed recipe for a better gun.

As you go up, the name of the brackets also changes. The arrangement will be Warlord’s HQ level 1, Warlord’s HQ level 2, Garages Level 1, Garages Level 2, Garages Level 3, Garages Level 4, and Bar Level 3.

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