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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake: How to Solve the Stone Plates Puzzle

Solve this Prehistoric Kelp Forest puzzle with our helpful guide!




SpongeBob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake How to Solve the Stone Plates Puzzle

SpongeBob will face many challenges trying to restore order to Bikini Bottom in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake.

It’s not just all about just platforming or fighting enemies, you’ll also have to solve a variety of puzzles to complete each of the Wishworlds and rescue his friends.

We’ll cover one such puzzle in this short guide: the Stone Plates puzzle at the Prehistoric Kelp Forest.

Let’s dive into this guide and show you the solution.

How to Solve the Stone Plates Puzzle

How to Solve the Stone Plates Puzzle

Source: Game Guides Channel

This puzzle is completed as part of the Prehistoric Kelp Forest world.

Similar to the Shadow Puzzle in Halloween Rock Bottom, you’ll have to slide a series of stones to complete a picture.

You can move the pieces around by hitting them with SpongeBob’s spin attack. For example, smack them from the right so they will move to the left.

Pieces that are in their correct spot will play a sound and lock into place, preventing you from moving them anymore.

You’ll notice there are 5 circular indentations on the floor. You’ll need to slide the pieces into these spots in the proper order.

How to Solve the Stone Plates Puzzle 1

Source: Game Guides Channel

Now, for the actual solution to the puzzle, you’ll notice that each stone plate has a small doodle at the bottom.

This is what we’ll use as our guide. The solution itself can be found in the same cave, now that you know to look out for these symbols.

Near this puzzle, there’s a series of totems you can break. Behind them is a drawing on the wall that shows the proper order of the stones.

As the drawing shows, you’ll need to place the stone plates in the following order from left to right: flower, jellyfish, fish, snail, and heart.

How to Solve the Stone Plates Puzzle 2

Source: Game Guides Channel

This is the solution to the puzzle, so head towards the stone plates and slide them into their respective spots to form a picture and complete this section.

Remember that you have to fit them into the 5 circular indentations of the back row.

After that, you should then be completed.

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