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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake: All Worlds Explained

Learn everything about the Wishworlds you’ll visit.




SpongeBob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake All Worlds Explained

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake will have SpongeBob and Patrick traveling across different worlds to save their friends.

These worlds, which are named Wishworlds, are all themed after something, such as the Wild West-themed Jellyfish Fields.

Of course, this also means each world features its own gimmick. Knowing is half the battle, as they say, so we’ll tell you the basics of each of the Wishworlds and their gimmicks!

All Worlds in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

The Wishworlds in the game are all unlocked in a linear sequential manner. As such, we’ll go over each one of them in order of appearance.

Bikini Bottom

Bikini Bottom

The first world you’ll encounter is Bikini Bottom itself. The game starts with SpongeBob waking up and ready to go to Glove World with Patrick.

Of course, nothing’s that simple, as SpongeBob eventually starts to realize something’s off.

This world largely serves as the game’s tutorial and hub. In this world, SpongeBob will go around talking to his friends and helping them with various simple tasks, such as helping Sandy clean up her backyard.

The world culminates with Madame Kassandra informing SpongeBob of what’s going on in Bikini Bottom, tasking him with getting Jelly.

In case you’re wondering, Jelly can then be used to tailor new costumes which will open portals to more Wishworlds.

Wild West Jellyfish Fields

Wild West Jellyfish Fields

The first Wishworld you will enter is themed after the Wild West. As the first Wishworld in the game, it’s fairly simple and without many gimmicks.

As any good spaghetti Western, SpongeBob will be tasked with going to the nearby town, speaking to the sheriff and helping to catch a bandit.

At times, however, SpongeBob will get to act as a cowboy and ride the seahorses in the level. In fact, you land on a seahorse was soon as you start the level.

Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom

Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom

This Wishworld is all about fast-paced action. Donning his Karate gear, SpongeBob will learn the powerful karate kick.

However, you also have to deal with a cranky movie director as you star in a karate film.

A much shorter and faster world than the Wild West Jellyfish Fields, this level features non-stop action with lots of baddies to beat up. This world culminates then in a showdown with Sandy.

Pirate Goo Lagoon

Pirate Goo Lagoon

The Pirate-themed Goo Lagoon is the third Wishworld. Unlike the previous levels, this stage focuses much more on platforming challenges and stage hazards.

Indeed, SpongeBob will be barraged by bomb pies throughout this level. As such, staying on the move is key in this world.

Just try to be careful as you deal with the platforming while avoiding all the hazards and enemies thrown at you.

Halloween Rock Bottom

Halloween Rock Bottom

This Wishworld is all about the scary and spooky with its Halloween aesthetic, with the gimmick being all about stealth.

This level features enemies that simply can’t be defeated and have to be avoided by staying out of their line of sight.

Compared to the fast-paced theme of the previous two worlds, Halloween Rock Bottom instead requires you to slowly and methodically learn the movement patterns of enemies and avoid them.

Prehistoric Kelp Forest

Prehistoric Kelp Forest

The Prehistoric Kelp Forest is the next Wishworld in the game. It’s a return to the fast-paced worlds of the Pirate Goo Lagoon and Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom.

As soon as you land in this world, you’ll have to start running as the cave you’re in starts collapsing around you.

Later in the level, you’ll also have to ride on boulders and avoid falling into lava rivers all around the place.

Moreover, there are quite a few large fights in this game, culminating in a tricky final boss.

Medieval Sulfur Fields

Medieval Sulfur Fields

The Medieval Sulfur Fields is perhaps the longest Wishworld in the game.

Thrown back to Medieval times, this large level is full of enemies and secrets for SpongeBob to find.

One of the first challenges you’ll face in this world is a garden maze puzzle. This perfectly sets the stage for what to expect in this world.

The key thing in here is to be patient and to take in your environment before you act.

Jelly Glove World

Jelly Glove World

The final Wishworld of the game, Jelly Glove World is a comparatively small world that requires you to make use of all of SpongeBob’s abilities.

On top of the usual challenges, there are also multiple carnival games that you can play to earn Doubloons.

One way or another, making your way to the end of this stage will instantly lead into the game’s finale and final boss.

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