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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake: All Potion Ingredient Locations

Complete Gary’s side-quest by grabbing every one of these ingredients.




SpongeBob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake All Potion Ingredient Locations

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake features a number of sidequests where the whimsical SpongeBob helps his friends.

One such quest will require you to collect ingredients for the Magic Potion to help SpongeBob’s loyal snail pet, Gary.

We’ll easily break down where to find every single one of them in this guide.

All Magic Potion Ingredient Locations

If you have yet to start this side quest, you’ll need to speak to King Gary in Bikini Bottom after rescuing him from the Medieval Sulfur Fields.

After doing so, return to the Medieval Sulfur Fields. Fast-travel to the checkpoint at Twitchy’s Cottage and speak to Twitchy.

This will start the Magic Potion sidequest which will task you with finding 7 different ingredients.

Every Magic Potion ingredient is found within the Medieval Sulfur Fields.

You can also fast-travel to the multiple checkpoints of this world to make it easier to find them. We’ll be using these checkpoints as our basis for locating every ingredient.

Without further ado, here are the locations of all ingredients:

Twitchy’s Cottage

Twitchys Cottage

Source: 100% Guides

The first ingredient is found at the Twitchy’s Cottage checkpoint, not far from where you started the sidequest.

Go around Twitchy’s magic cauldron and get near the ledge. Glide across the gap towards the large tree hollow to find your first ingredient.

Garden Maze

Garden Maze

The next ingredient is found at the Garden Maze checkpoint. Thankfully, this ingredient isn’t deep within the maze.

Enter the maze and head to the right. The ingredient should be right there in the corner right by the entrance.

Castle Courtyard

Castle Courtyard

You can find two different ingredients at the Castle Courtyard checkpoint.

The first ingredient is by the Blacksmith. As soon as you’re at the Castle Courtyard, look for the Blacksmith’s building which should be straight ahead.

You can then find the ingredient right by the entrance to the building.

Castle Courtyard 1

Now turn around from the Blacksmith and face the castle. The second ingredient is found at the edge of the castle’s moat, hidden behind a bunch of totems.

Break the totems and get the ingredient.

Meanderson River

Meanderson River

For this ingredient, fast-travel to the Meanderson River checkpoint.

Jump on the tree trunk on the river and take the path straight forward. Continue platforming and smashing baddies until you reach the wide part of the river.

The ingredient is at the top of a nearby cliff edge next to an enemy.

Bard Audition

Bard Audition

This is one of the easiest ingredients to get.

Fast-travel to the Bard Audition checkpoint. The ingredient is sitting in the open in front of a stall.

You should be able to see it as soon as the game loads.

Cake Ballroom

Cake Ballroom

The last ingredient is near the Cake Ballroom checkpoint.

As soon as you travel to the checkpoint, turn around instead of going through the large door. Jump on the two small floating cubes to reach a wooden beam.

The ingredient is on the wooden beam next to a green fish.

Completing the Quest

Now that you have every ingredient, travel back to the Twitchy’s Cottage checkpoint. Turn in the ingredients to Twitchy to receive the Magic Potion.

With the Magic Potion in hand, fast-travel back to Mrs. Puff’s Boating School in Bikini Bottom. Go near King Gary and a short scene will play.

This completes the quest which will then reward you with a Golden Doubloon.

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