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Spellforce: Conquest of Eo: Where to Find Adamantium

Get Adamantium to increase your overall power.

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Spellforce Conquest of Eo Where to Find Adamantium

In Spellforce: Conquest of Eo, you must utilize your Grimoire to become powerful. You can also upgrade your Tower, spells, and many more.

But in order to increase your Power, you need to invest in ingredients, one of which is Adamantium. If you don’t know where to find it, we got you covered in this guide.

Obtaining Adamantium

Obtaining Adamantium

Source: Gamers Heroes

There are three ways to obtain Adamantium.

The first is to wait for it to become available as a resource in some cities. However, this might take a long time as the items appearing in cities are randomly generated.

The remaining two will give you a guaranteed Adamantium.

Obtaining Adamantium 1

Source: Gamers Heroes

In the northern mountains near the Sevenkeeps, look for the Dwarven city of Silver Drift Hollow. Your goal is to reach maximum friendship with them so you can purchase Adamantium.

Obtaining Adamantium 2

Source: Gamers Heroes

Adamantium will be the top resource that the city will sell if it is unlocked.

You can reach the city quickly if you spawn at the Goldenfields. From there, head northeast, and if you reach the Sevenkeeps, you will be near Silver Drift Hollow.

The other method is to build a lodge at The Heart of the Hollow north of Silver Drift Hollow.

After building a lodge, you will obtain a quest that will reward you with an Adamantium upon completion.

At the end of the week, Adamantium will be delivered in the weekly report. So you must do the third method if you want an abundance of Adamantium.

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