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Spellforce Conquest of Eo: All Necromancer Recipes

Let’s go over all of the necromancer recipes in the game!




Spellforce Conquest of Eo All Necromancer Recipes

Necromancers in Spellforce: Conquest of Eo can summon powerful undead units, making it a great choice for those new to the game.

They spawn these units by creating recipes consisting of souls combined with other ingredients. This results in new and exciting units that all have different properties in battle.

Within the game, there are a total of 20 Necromancer recipes that will create a wide variety of undead units by combining different ingredients and souls.

This guide will go over all the different recipes available.

How Recipes Work in the Game

How Recipes Work in the Game

Source: Gamers Heroes

All ingredients in a recipe have three parts to them.

The Skeleton Riders, for example, need three Elemental and three Arcane. However, while undead creatures can be made with just the three material slots, higher-tier undead units require higher-level souls.

This means you need to advance technologies or learn new spells before you find tier-three souls. You can also unlock a fourth ingredient slot to help with recipes.

All Necromancer Recipes

All Necromancer Recipes

Source: Gamers Heroes

That said, here are all of the 20 Necromancer recipes in the game along with their soul and ingredient requirements:


  • Ingredients: None
  • Soul: Any

Skeleton Warriors

  • Ingredients: 3x Elemental (Orange)
  • Soul: Any

Skeleton Archers

  • Ingredients: 3x Death (Purple)
  • Soul: Any

Undead Mage

  • Ingredients: 3x Arcane Blue)
  • Soul: Any

Flayed Ones

  • Ingredients:6x Elemental (Orange)
  • Soul: Tier 2+

Skeleton Riders

  • Ingredients: 3x Elemental (Orange), 3x Death (Purple)
  • Soul: Tier 2+

Vampire Acolytes

  • Ingredients: 3x Elemental (Orange), 3x Arcane (Blue)
  • Soul: Tier 2+


  • Ingredients: 6x Death (Purple)
  • Soul: Tier 2+


  • Ingredients: 3x Death (Purple), 3x Arcane (Blue)
  • Soul: Tier 2+


  • Ingredients: 6x Arcane (Blue)
  • Soul: Tier 2+


  • Ingredients: 6x Elemental (Orange)
  • Soul: Tier 3+


  • Ingredients: 6x Elemental (Orange), 3x Death (Purple)
  • Soul: Tier 3+

Emissary Of Calamity

  • Ingredients: 3x Elemental (Orange), 6x Death (Purple)
  • Soul: Tier 3+

Haunted Armor

  • Ingredients: 6x Elemental (Orange), 3x Arcane (Blue)
  • Soul: Tier 3+


  • Ingredients: 3x Elemental (Orange), 6x Arcane (Blue)
  • Soul: Tier 3+

Draugr Giant

  • Ingredients: 9x Death (Purple)
  • Soul: Tier 3+

Blood Golem

  • Ingredients: 6x Death (Purple), 3x Arcane (Blue)
  • Soul: Tier 3+


  • Ingredients: 3x Death (Purple), 6x Arcane (Blue)
  • Soul: Tier 3+


  • Ingredients: 9x Arcane (Blue)
  • Soul: Tier 3+


  • Ingredients: 3x Elemental (Orange), 3x Death (Purple), 3x Arcane (Blue)
  • Soul: Tier 3

These are all of the Necromancer recipes that you can find in the game. Feel free to experiment with them to make your undead army.

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