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Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Wetsuit (Location)

Dive every deep water without worrying about cold with a wetsuit.




Sons of the Forest Where to Find Wetsuit Location

As you try to survive the hostile environment every night in the Sons of the Forest, you should be aware that exploring different map locations to provide your needs is also a must.

Occasionally, you and your friends will have to enter dangerous sites and even try to go underwater to gather the necessary materials.

To help you have a better experience in diving deep, you will need a wetsuit. We’ve prepared this guide to point you to its location.

Wetsuit’s Location in Sons of the Forest

Wetsuits Location in Sons of the Forest
Source: mapgenie

The wetsuit is another item that can help increase your survivability from weather extremes. This gear will be extremely helpful, especially if you need to cross deep bodies of water.

However, obtaining this requires you to enter a cave located in the area shown above. Also, you will need the rope gun and the Rebreather due to the obstacles inside the cave.

Aside from those, a flashlight and a weapon are also important to deal with whatever is waiting for you inside the dark cave.

Entering the Cave to Get the Wetsuit

Entering the Cave to Get the Wetsuit
Source: mapgenie

You will know that you have come to the right cave entrance if you see these three frozen corpses outside.

As you head inside the cave, you will have to cross to the other side using a rope shown below.

Entering the Cave to Get the Wetsuit 1
Source: mapgenie

Once you have crossed to the other side, go to the water and swim deeper until you find the open space to get back on the ground.

Entering the Cave to Get the Wetsuit 2

Keep walking straight upward until you arrive at this chunk of rock where the wetsuit is located. Upon getting out of the water, you will find your wetsuit on the right side.

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