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Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Camouflage Suit

Obtain the Camouflage Suit for your companion, Virginia.




Sons of the Forest Where to Find Camouflage Suit

The Camouflage Suit is a unique piece of clothing that you can find in Sons of the Forest. This set of clothes, however, is only wearable by one of your companions.

More specifically, only Virginia can wear it. Neither you nor Kelvin can use it.

Anyway, if you want to get your hands on this outfit, here’s where to find it.

Camouflage Suit Location in Sons of the Forest

Camouflage Suit Location in Sons of the Forest
Source: WoW Quests

The Camouflage Suit can be found inside a Kayak along the island’s coast. The specific spot is pretty close to the beach starting point, in case that’s where you started the game.

Head over to the location shown on the GPS in the image below. The area is within the red circle.

Camouflage Suit Location in Sons of the Forest 1
Source: WoW Quests

As you reach this specific part of the coast, you should notice a red Kayak on the beach.

Approach the Kayak and look inside it. You’ll find the outfit laying there in the open, so just grab it by pressing the E key.

Camouflage Suit Location in Sons of the Forest 2
Source: WoW Quests

However, you won’t be able to use the Camouflage Suit, nor can Kelvin. It will also not be visible within your inventory.

As mentioned earlier, it is only useable by Virginia who is one of the two companions currently in the game.

After you find and befriend Virginia, you will be able to interact with her and give her the Camouflage Suit.

Additionally, there are no known gameplay benefits of having Virginia wear the Camouflage Suit. It’s purely cosmetic, at least in the game’s current state.

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