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Sons of the Forest: Where to Find a Shovel | Location Guide

Time to do another digging into the caves for more tools.




Sons of the Forest Where to Find a Shovel Location Guide

To survive every night in Sons of the Forest, you must be aware of the possible scenarios that might happen overnight. It’s for this reason that preparing a good defense is a must.

To do this, you have to use various tools, one of which is the shovel. However, you will have to do a bit of spelunking to get it. Let’s have a look at where you can find the tool.

Where to Find the Shovel

Where to Find the Shovel
Source: Quick Tips

The shovel is a very important tool that will help you progress through the game progress. But to get it, you will have to enter and explore a deep and dark cave.

Where to Find the Shovel 2
Source: mapgenie

As shown in the image, the shovel is located inside a cave. You can refer to the image above for the cave’s entrance which is indicated by planks of wood blocking the entrance.

Where to Find the Shovel 3
Source: Quick Tips

As with any other cave in the game, you will instantly be welcomed by complete darkness. This is why you should always bring flares or flashlights with extra batteries.

Keep walking until you reach the end of the cave where the rope gun is located, then jump to exit the cave. Use the rope gun to cross to the other side of the cave.

It will then lead you to an area with deep water.

Dive into the Water to Get to the Other Side

To cross this area, you will have to dive into the water and swim through it. Note that you must have your rebreather to prevent drowning.

Dive into the Water to Get to the Other Side
Source: Quick Tips

Keep going deeper into the water until you see a narrow path. Once you have already reached the deepest part of the water, start swimming upwards to find yourself back on the ground.

When you reach the surface again, keep moving forward until you fall into a water slide. It will take you to another deep water that you have to cross.

Don’t worry about the air tank, as you can find some to replace the ones you have used. On the other side of the land, you will find some cases that contain some meds and ammo that you can use later on.

Dive into the Water to Get to the Other Side 1

Keep moving forward until you arrive at an area with corpses on the way. Consider this a landmark and take the rightmost direction.

Moving forward, you will see other dead bodies where you can get the flashlight attachment.

Dive into the Water to Get to the Other Side 2

From this location, take a left turn where there are some guiding lamps around, then go into the deep water again.

When you reach the other side of the land, follow the narrow path. This will eventually lead you to a corpse of a construction worker with the shovel sitting on his lap.

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