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Sons of the Forest: Tuxedo Suit Location

Find the tux so you can look your best!




Sons of the Forest Tuxedo Suit Location

As you explore the dangerous and mysterious island of Sons of the Forest, you’ll come across many useful tools and other resources that will facilitate your survival.

However, you will also find more frivolous items that are more for show than anything. One of them is the tuxedo.

If you want to dress your best on the island, this guide will show you exactly where to find it.

Where to Find the Tuxedo in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find the Tuxedo

The picture above shows you exactly where on the map you need to go to start hunting for the penguin suit.

This location is northwest right above the map’s center near the snowy mountain range near a cave where you find the shovel. In this location, you’ll find a location obviously prepped for surveying.

Grab your shovel and start digging. Before long, you’ll come across a hatch marked Maintenance A. Head inside and continue your hunt for your attire.

Where to Find the Tuxedo 1
Source: WoW Guides

After going into the hatch and down the ladder, you’ll find a series of underground corridors. Head down the corridor that is to the right of the ladder after climbing down.

Where to Find the Tuxedo 2
Source: WoW Guides

Go into the first door to the right after heading down the hall for a few seconds. You’ll come across a bedroom with a bathroom inside. You’ll find the tuxedo right beside the bathtub.

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