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Sons of the Forest: Shotgun Rail Upgrade Location

Find the Shotgun Rail so you can add attachments to your weapon!




Sons of the Forest Shotgun Rail Upgrade Location

You will find different weapon attachments that will provide different benefits to your firearms, like the Laser Sight, which improves the accuracy of the gun it is attached to.

However, before you can add these attachments, you’ll first need the rail for the gun you are adding attachments to.

One such attachment is the Shotgun Rail you can attach to your Shotgun, improving the already deadly weapon. If you are looking for the Shotgun Rail, this guide is for you!

Where to Find the Shotgun Rail in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find the Shotgun Rail

To get started, head to the point marked on the map above. This location is west of the snow-covered mountains, south of the east-west river cutting the island.

However, you’ll need the Maintenance Keycard in order to retrieve the rail, so be sure you have it before your search begins.

Once you arrive at the location, you’ll need to find a small cave near the stream. Then, you’ll need to first go through a large bunker that has a cave entrance.

Finding the Shotgun Rail

Finding the Shotgun Rail
Source: ZaFrostPet

After you enter the cave, travel down the long corridor and use the Maintenance Keycard to open locked doors. Go past the lobby area and through glass doors. From here, you should see two grand staircases.

Go past the pool and search for a bar and a door with a keycard scanner near the entrance. This should be near the Night Club, though you’ll need to open the door to the VIP Keycard.

You will find the Shotgun Rail in that room on one of the bookshelves.

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