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Sons of the Forest: How to Use a Tarp to Build a Shelter

Set up a shelter so you can sleep and save!




Sons of the Forest How to Use a Tarp to Build a Shelter

Surviving in Sons of the Forest can be tough, especially when night falls. While it can be incredibly tough to last the night, there are options to skip it entirely and ensure you easily survive until the morning.

To do so, you must learn how to make a tent through the use of a tarp. By building a tent, you can save and sleep. This will instantly take you to the following morning.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to build a tent using a tarp.

How to Build a Shelter Using Tarp in Sons of the Forest

How to Use a Tarp to Build a Shelter
Source: WoW Quests

To build a tent, you will need a stick and a tarp. You will find sticks all over the forest on the ground.

To find a tarp, you’ll need to go out and explore, looting suitcases in the underground portions of the map.

Setting Up a Tent

Setting Up a Tent
Source: WoW Quests

After you have rounded up sticks and a tarp, you can now build a tent. Simply open your inventory and equip the tarp. Find somewhere flat and place the tarp on the ground by left-clicking.

You can then use one of your sticks on the tarp to create a tent. After that, add two sticks to even out the tent. Now that you have built a tent, you can use it as a base where you can save and sleep.

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