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Sons of the Forest: How to Sleep

Recover your energy by having a good night’s sleep.




Sons of the Forest How to Sleep

Sons of the Forest has a lot of survival mechanics, tiredness being one of them. To recover from tiredness, you’ll need to sleep.

Of course, you can’t just lie down on the ground in the open and take a nap! It takes a little more effort than that.

Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about sleep in Sons of the Forest.

How to Sleep in Sons of the Forest

How to Sleep in Sons of the Forest
Source: WoW Quests

To sleep in Sons of the Forest, you’ll first need to build a shelter.

There are many possible types of shelters you can build in the game, some of them requiring quite a lot of materials and effort.

For the sake of simplicity, we will tell you how to make the bare minimum shelter required for sleep in this game.

wooden stick
Source: WoW Quests

How to Build a Shelter in Sons of the Forest

First off, find at least 1 wooden stick and 1 tarp. The sticks should be found lying around, while the tarp is likely inside a container. They can be found around the beach where you start the game, as well.

Next, open your inventory with I and grab the tarp. Lay the tarp on the ground, preferably on a flat surface.

inventory with I and grab the tarp
Source: WoW Quests

With the tarp laid down, approach one of its corners and press Left Click on your mouse. This will raise the tarp with a stick, sort of like a tent.

Now that your basic shelter is built, all you have to do is press Z while near it to sleep.

eventually build

As you progress through the game, you will eventually build much better shelters for yourself, but you won’t live long enough for that if you don’t get some sleep!

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