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Sons of the Forest: How to Save Game

Make sure you don’t lose any progress by learning how to save.




Sons of the Forest How to Save Game

Saving is something that almost every game features. Sons of the Forest is not an exception to this rule.

However, saving in Sons of the Forest requires a few extra steps. There’s no saving from a menu or auto-saving of any sort currently in the game.

Not to fret, as we’ll show you how to save in this short guide.

How to Save Your Game in Sons of the Forest

How to Save Game in Sons of the Forest
Source: WoW Quests

Saving in Sons of the Forest requires you to make use of a shelter.

If you don’t have any shelter or are early into the game, the easiest way to get shelter is by making a tent.

To make a tent, you’ll need 1 tarp and 1 stick. Sticks are found laying around anywhere, while the tarp can be found inside containers.

The containers on the beach where the game stars are guaranteed to have at least one tarp.

How to Save Game in Sons of the Forest 1
Source: WoW Quests

When you have the materials for your tent, lay the tarp on a flat spot on the ground. Then pull out a stick and Left Click one corner of the tarp when a white arrow appears.

This will raise the corner of the tarp, creating a tent. You can use more than one stick if you want.

When your tent is ready, approach it and press the E key to open the save menu. Click on New Save to make your first save. You can now save from this tent anytime you want!

Later on, you will make better shelters than the basic tent. However, they can all be used to save the game in the same manner. Just approach them and press the E key.

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