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Sons of the Forest: How to Preserve and Dry Meat

Keep a steady supply of food by learning how to preserve and dry meat.

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Sons of the Forest How to Preserve and Dry Meat

In Sons of the Forest, food is one of the most vital resources you need. To get it, you must hunt animals, fish on the lake, or gather some berries from shrubs.

However, to fully fill your hunger bar, you must hunt at least two animals and cook their meat.

But what if there are no animals near your area and there are tons of cannibals annoying you every now and then?

If that’s the case, you can stock up on meat by killing tons of animals and then preserving and drying them instead. Here’s how.

Preserving and Drying Meat in Sons of the Forest

Preserving and Drying Meat in Sons of the Forest
Source: GosuNoob

To preserve and dry meat, you will need the Drying Rack which requires 13 sticks to build. You can pick some by cutting small trees or tell Kelvin to gather some for you.

Once you have enough sticks, press B and select the storage icon or the one with a brown color.

Click on the Drying Rack and choose where to place it. After placing it down, press E near it to put the sticks and complete the structure. Once the Drying Rack is done, interact with it by pressing E and choose which meat you want to preserve.

Preserving and Drying Meat in Sons of the Forest 1
Source: GosuNoob

It takes about one in-game day to finish drying the meat. With this, you can have enough food to survive for days and even bring it as a snack. Just keep in mind that eating dried meat will make you thirstier, so always bring water whenever you eat it.

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