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Sons of the Forest: How to Get Virginia as a Companion

Befriend Virginia to get her as a companion.

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Sons of the Forest How to Get Virginia as a Companion

Sons of the Forest added a new mechanic where you get AI companions. The first companion you get is Kelvin, and you will immediately unlock him as you start the game.

He was one of the soldiers with you when you were trying to find a missing billionaire.

Another companion you can befriend is Virginia, and we will show you how to get her.

Getting Virginia as a Companion

Getting Virginia as a Companion
Source: AerO R2

Your first companion, Kelvin, can be commanded to obtain materials or gather food. However, he won’t help you when a Cannibal or Mutant attacks.

For this case, the one you need is Virginia who is a woman with three legs and three arms.

She will appear randomly once you arrive on the island. You can approach her, but if you want to win her trust, make sure you don’t carry any weapon. Press the G button to sheathe your weapon instead.

At first, she will run away and disappear. Then, as you do this a few more times, she will eventually escape a short distance from you but will still run away.

Getting Virginia as a Companion 1
Source: AerO R2

Do this repeatedly whenever you encounter her, and she will eventually become your companion. Virginia will follow you and sometimes give you berries, fish, or herbs. Lastly, you can give her a new outfit or a weapon.

If you give her a weapon, she will help you whenever you get attacked by either a Mutant or a Cannibal. Additionally, when you give her a gun, she won’t need any ammunition to keep using it.

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