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Sons of the Forest: How to Get Full Gold Armor Suit

Get this key armor in the game within a hidden bunker!




Sons of the Forest How to Get Full Gold Armor Suit

The Golden Armor Suit is one of the many armors you can get in Sons of the Forest. Interestingly, it doesn’t provide any protection and also never degrades.

However, the Golden Armor Suit is required to open the area leading to the game’s finale. As such, you will need to get it if you wish to finish the game’s storyline.

If you don’t know where to look, this guide will help you out.

How to Get Full Gold Armor Suit in Sons of the Forest

How to Get Full Gold Armor Suit in Sons of the Forest
Source: MillGaming

Before you start looking for the Golden Armor Suit, you should first obtain the Maintenance Keycard. You will also want to gear up, as you will come across many enemies on the way.

Once you’re ready, make your way around the snowy mountains in the center of the map. You will start the game on the western side of the map, but this time, you need to make your way to the eastern side.

Sadly, the game doesn’t provide a compass. However, that information should help you position yourself.

How to Get Full Gold Armor Suit in Sons of the Forest 1
Source: MillGaming

For more help, refer to the image above. The red circle on the GPS shows the location you need to reach. Additionally, this location should appear as a green Point of Interest beacon on your GPS.

Once you reach the location, look for a rocky formation. You should find a cave entrance at the center of the formation. Go through it to enter a bunker.

Exploring the Cave

Exploring the Cave
Source: MillGaming

Make your way through the cave until you find a hole. Go down the hole and then down a flight of stairs. Use the Maintenance Keycard on the locked door and go down another set of stairs.

You will find a yellow door at the bottom of the stairs. Upon opening the door, a brief cutscene will start playing.

After the cutscene, go straight down the hallways. Be careful of the enemies in the area. Eventually you will go through a door into a dimly lit room. Turn to your left and go down the stairs to Level 2.

Exploring the Cave 1

On Level 2, go straight through the first open door in front of you. Now, go through the second door to your right. You should end up in a living room of sorts, with computers and a couch.

You will find the Golden Armor Suit on the couch alongside a golden skull mask. Approach it and press the E key to grab it.

Exploring the Cave 2

Make sure to explore the bunker more to loot resources before you leave. Just be mindful of the enemies in the area.

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