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Sons of the Forest: How to Get Firefighter Axe

Find the best axe in the game!




Sons of the Forest How to Get Firefighter Axe

After playing the game for a bit, you’ll realize how invaluable wood is. Wood allows you to build bases to ensure your survival, so acquiring a lot of it in a timely manner is a must.

To get wood, you’ll need to cut down trees.; to do that, you’ll need an axe.

While you will get an axe at the start of the game, it leaves a lot to be desired. Before long, you’ll want a better axe that cuts down wood much more quickly.

The best axe in the game is the Firefighter Axe, which exceeds the Modern Axe and the Tactical Axe. Here’s how you can get it.

Where to Find the Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find the Firefighter Axe
Source: Cultured Vultures

To start your search for the Firefighter Axe, you’ll first need a Shovel which requires a Rope Gun and Rebreather to acquire.

Once you have a Shovel, head to the place marked on the GPS above. This location is northeast of the helicopter crash site. This is one of the Maintenance A hatches that lead underground.

Where to Find the Firefighter Axe 1
Source: Cultured Vultures

After reaching the location, pull out your Shovel and start digging. There will be a prompt that pops up as you walk over to the spot you have to dig.

After digging for a bit, you’ll uncover the hatch to Maintenance A. Interact with it to open it and climb down the ladder.

Get Inside the Maintance A Shaft

Get Inside the Maintance A Shaft
Source: Cultured Vultures

After entering the hatch and climbing down the ladder, you’ll find the Firefighter Axe inside a glass cabinet at the very end of the corridor.

While the Firefighter Axe is the best axe in the game, dealing great damage to enemies and quickly cutting down trees, it has a rather slow swing, so get used to its pace before using it in a heated battle.

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