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Sons of the Forest: How to Craft Bone Armor

Provide yourself with decent protection using the bones of your fallen enemies.




Sons of the Forest How to Craft Bone Armor

Getting attacked by cannibals and other mutants will be inevitable as you play Sons of the Forest. With that challenge in mind, you want to make sure you survive as much as possible.

Aside from having good weapons, having tough armor is also recommended as it will protect you from incoming damage from your enemies’ attacks.

One such armor is the Bone Armor which you can make as a beginner. Here’s how.

How to Craft Bone Armor in Sons of the Forest

How to Craft Bone Armor in Sons of the Forest
Source: ZaFrostPet

The Bone Armor is one of the easiest pieces of armor you can craft in Sons of the Forest. All you have to do is look for common resources that you can find around the area.

For this, you will need four pieces of bones, a rope, and duct tape.

Where to Get the Materials

Where to Get the Materials
Source: ZaFrostPet

You can gather both bones and rope during cave explorations. Meanwhile, duct tape can be found inside red cases that you can find on the ground, the same as the ones you can see around the crash site.

You can also find it in yellow lid crates.

Crafting a Bone Armor

Crafting a Bone Armor
Source: ZaFrostPet

After collecting the required materials, you can start crafting by selecting the needed materials in your inventory.

Once you’re ready, simply click clicking the gear icon on the upper right corner to combine them into the bone armor.

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