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Slime Rancher 2: All Treasure Pods Locations in Starlight Strand

Find the Treasure Pods of Starlight Strand.

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Slime Rancher 2 All Treasure Pods Locations in Starlight Strand

Slim Rancher features its collective Treasure Pod that allows players to have blueprints to get better items and weapons moving forward into the game.

However, they are well-hidden and not easy to find in each area. In this guide, we’ll be specifically covering the locations of Treasure Pods in Starlight Strand.

Treasure Pod Locations in Starlight Strand

Treasure Pod Locations in Starlight Strand

Source: Trophy Tom

If you’ve played Slim Rancher for a while, you will know that Treasure Pods are important to have but are well hidden on the map.

Without further ado, here are the Treasure Pod locations in Starlight Strand:

Mossy Hen Statue

Mossy Hen Statue

Source: Trophy Tom

The first Treasure Pod can be located in Mossy Hen Statue. Once you get there, use the pink lily pads to go up the cliff.

From there, glide onto the far cliff with a hole in it. Once you arrive at the top of the cliff, go behind the rocks to find it.

Golden Flutter Statue

Golden Flutter Statue

Source: Trophy Tom

The second Treasure Pod can be found at the Golden Flutter Statue. Fly upwards using the trees until you reach the cliff above.

After that, head straight to the small pond and you will see the Treasure Pod there.

Golden Cotton Statue

Golden Cotton Statue

The third Treasure Pod can be found at Golden Cotton Statue. Once you arrive there, use the giant mushrooms to glide to the cliff on your right.

After arriving at the edge, glide downwards towards the lowest ledge to find the Treasure Pod.

Sureshot Module

Sureshot Module 1

For the final one, glide towards the cliff in front of you. Next, fly upwards using the trees going to the giant arch and head straight until you see a statue.

After shooting this statue with your Flutter Port, a door below will be unlocked. Enter this door and follow the path until you see the fourth Treasure Pod.

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