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Slime Rancher 2: All Treasure Pods in The Conservatory

Open Treasure Pods and get valuable rewards.




Slime Rancher 2 All Treasure Pods in The Conservatory

Slime Rancher 2 is all about taking care of slimes, discovering new ones, and enjoying the map’s picturesque views.

It also has a variety of places to visit, and there are hidden treasure pods all around the planet for you to locate. Some of them can be rather well concealed, and you may need to search every nook and corner of a location to find them.

The Conservatory, for example, has a total of three treasure pods waiting to be found. We’ll show you their exact locations in this guide.

Treasure Pod #1

Treasure Pod 1

Source: Game Guides Channel

The first Treasure Pod is located to the north of the Conservatory; however, instead of traveling through the tunnel, you must leap over it.

As you reach the summit, take the trail north and then head left. Locate the rock formation to find the Treasure Pod on top.

You’ll need to boost your way up the little surfaces on the side to get to the Treasure Pod.

Treasure Pod #2

Treasure Pod 2

Source: Game Guides Channel

The next Treasure Pod is to the east where there’s a little island off to the side if you look at the map. That’s your next goal!

The Treasure Pod can be found on one of the trees on the island, so you’ll have to boost your way up there.

Once you arrive, climb up the trees, and you’ll locate the Treasure Pod on top of one of them!

Treasure Pod #3

Treasure Pod 3

Source: Game Guides Channel

The final one is in the caverns down south. Follow the caves south until you reach an aperture at the extreme southern point where you can glimpse the ocean.

You’ll find a rock formation overhead that leads to the water; leap there, as depicted in the image above. Once there, look for the last prize pod next to some carrots.

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