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Settlement Survival: How to Get Herbs

Combat illness by obtaining Herbs

Romeli Daclizon



In the survival city-building game Community Survival, you must focus on your populace because they form the foundation of your settlement. Your settlement may occasionally be destroyed by severe weather events like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Even now and then, your people can contract diseases. Getting herbs is one way to treat illnesses; we’ll show you how to do that.

How to get Herbs in Settlement Survival

Credits: Skye Storme

To improve the health of your citizens in Settlement Survival, you must either buy or create health products. You do not need to administer medication to your population because they can consume them passively.

If you don’t keep a supply on hand, you can find yourself using more stamina than usual, and, in the worst situation, there may be a plague.

Herbs can be collected to obtain medicine. Herbs and other ingredients are used to make medicines. Herbs can be used as medication on their own. Herbs can be acquired in many ways.

Obtaining Herbs

Credits: Skye Storme

In Settlement Survival, a Gatherer’s Hut is one way to get herbs. A Gatherer’s Hut will gather wild herbs, agave, and vegetables for your settlement.

You should draw attention to herbs because they are plants with blue flowers, so your gatherers can find them. Getting herb seeds is an additional strategy.

To improve your chances of finding herb seeds, you can acquire Herb Knowledge. These seeds can then be planted in the Nursery.

You’ll need to build a pharmacy before you can create the medicine. You can also manufacture medicinal soap with herbs. If you have a bathhouse, you can make them.

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