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Sackboy A Big Adventure: Save File Location

Plus dozens of files at your fingertips!

Nicole Barelli



sackboy a big adventure save file location

Sackboy: A Big Adventure has recently arrived on PC to make the joy of many fans of the PlayStation’s mascot. With its fun platforming action and cute characters, the game is a great way to spend time solo or in multiplayer. And as PC players well know, games on PC give more control over settings that, otherwise, would be inaccessible on console. One of those settings are save files for games. Do you know how to find it? I’ll tell you!

Save File Location – Sackboy A Big Adventure

Having access to a game’s save files can come in handy if you want to duplicate or back up your save data, for example.

To find Sackboy: A Big Adventure’s save file, you’ll want to open your local disc (C:), click on the “Users” folder, then on “AppData”. Inside this, you’ll find a folder named “Local”, and inside that, “GingerBread.”

Within this, you follow the path “Saved”, “Config”, and finally, “WindowsNoEditor”. In there, you can find your Sackboy save file as well as many other in-game assets.

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Save File Location
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