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Roblox: Tips for Getting All Pets in Adopt Me!

Collecting all of the pets in Roblox can be challenging, so here are some tips to help you fill up your Adopt Me book.




Roblox Tips for Getting All Pets in Adopt Me

One of the challenges in Adopt Me! is filling up your pet catalog. There are around 300 pets you need to complete the catalog, so it can be a rather long journey. You have several methods you can use for this.

If you are looking to fill up your Adopt Me catalog, here are some tips!

Play the Events

Play the Events
Source: KonekoKitten

Most don’t realize it, but the in-game events are how you earn around 50% of all pets. By completing the events, you gain in-game currency. You can then use the currency to purchase pets and get much closer to a 100% pet collection while having fun in the process.

Having currency also allows you to earn pets in many other circumstances, which we will touch on in the following tips in this article.

Buy New Pets

Buy New Pets
Source: Cookie Cutter

By purchasing new pets with the currency you earned from events, you’ll be a prime candidate for trades. Everyone wants the latest pet, so if you have a lot of currency and buy multiple, you can easily trade them for any pet you have yet to find or purchase on your own.

Adopt Me! runs on supply and demand, so having what everyone is after is a great way to ensure you fill up your catalog.

Trade Inside the Neon Cave

Trade Inside the Neon Cave
Source: Lectriz

Trading for pets is one of the best ways to get every pet in the game. While the previous tip mentioned trading new pets, you can trade any pet in the game.

You aren’t the only one looking to collect every pet. There is a good chance that someone is looking for a pet you have more than one of while they have one you have yet to find on your own.

With this in mind, you can help your fellow pet collectors while they help you. If you are looking to trade, one of the most popular places to do it is in the Neon Cave.

The Neon Cave is packed with would-be traders looking to complete their pet catalog.

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