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Roblox: How to Mag in Football Fusion

Learn how you can Mag in the Football Fusion game!




Roblox How to Mag in Football Fusion

Football Fusion is a Roblox game that’s simply American football with low-poly, lego-like characters.

The game has become incredibly popular within the community due to the player engagement and the team aspect.

However, many people are struggling to learn some of the game’s mechanics, particularly when it comes to catching the football, also called magging.

This has led to countless fumbles and a lot of frustration. This guide will go over how to Mag in Football Fusion. 

Mag Tips

Mag Tips

Source: DimeMeQ

There are many reasons why you are struggling to mag in the game. These tips can help you master it:

  • Check Your Latency and Ping – One of the most crucial reasons for your failure is your latency and ping. If you have poor connection, there is a good chance you can’t properly time when you should be jumping for the ball. This leads to you jumping too late or too early. In most cases, a better connection will help.
  • Practice Proper Timing – To ensure you are catching every throw, you should keep other connections in mind and jump a little early to ensure you catch the ball. It will take some time to get used to the timing.
  • Avoid Ace Diving – Ace diving occurs when you press the jump and dive button too soon, causing you to faceplant on the ground. This is another mechanic that will take some time to get used to when it comes to timing. You want to make sure your character has gotten enough air before you initiate the dive



Source: DimeMeQ

These tips will give you a starting point, but there is only one way to get better at magging in Football Fusion: practice.

There are practice servers that allow you to try out techniques on your own so you can perfect them and grow as a player.

Make sure you take the time to learn each mechanic and practice so you can excel when you are actually in a game.

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