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Roblox: How to Get the RB Battles Soda Cup for Free in Season 3

These methods will help you obtain the limited item RB Battles Soda Cup

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Roblox How to Get the RB Battles Soda Cup for Free in Season 3

The third season of RB Battles has begun, and all Roblox players are eager to get their hands on this limited accessory. In the season before, they debuted the highly sought-after RB Battle Popcorn Bucket.

This season, we have the RB Battles Soda Cup, which can only be acquired in one of two ways. To assist you in obtaining this limited item, we created this guide.

Twitter Giveaway

Twitter Giveaway

Source: RB Battles

The RB Battles Soda Cup may first be obtained on Twitter. You can win the Soda Cup by retweeting the tweets from RB Battles’ official Twitter. Note that you must have retweeted the most recent tweets for this to work.

Twitter Giveaway 1

Source: DJ Monopoli

You can also look for codes to redeem a free Soda Cup from the hosts of the RB Battles, such as DJ Monopoli, Sabrina, and Russo.

These are the Twitter pages of DJ Monopoli, SabrinaBrite, and Russo.



Source: DatBrian

The second method involves YouTubers, particularly Roblox star creators.  You should follow them since they occasionally provide Soda Cup giveaways.

Keep tabs on the YouTubers participating in RB Battles right now, like IamSanna.

Always keep an eye out for their posts and tweets on Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and other platforms to enter the giveaways. You might be one of the fortunate players to receive the RB Battles Soda Cup due to this.

Note that there are fake code giveaways, so ensure that the ones you participated in are real and official.

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