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Roblox: How to Get the Adopt Me Challenge Badge in RB Battles Season 3

Get one of the event badges in Season 3 of the RB Battles.

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Roblox How to Get the Adopt Me Challenge Badge in RB Battles Season 3

Adopt Me! is one of the games that is featured in RB Battles Season 3. The top Roblox YouTubers and creators compete in RB Battles for the RBB Championship award.

As a result, the Adopt Me! RB Battles Challenge Badge has been added. It’s quick and easy to earn this badge. To assist you in getting it, we created this guide.

RB Battles Challenge Badge

RB Battles Challenge Badge

Source: DatBrian

To earn the RB Battles Challenge Badge, four items must be acquired. To get the badge, you need a trophy and three crystals.

The Winners’ Wings and Crown of Courage are free when you complete this badge, one of the badges needed for the RB Battles Season 3 event badge.


Crystals 5

Source: DatBrian

To access the Trophy, you must first light up three crystals.

Crystals 6

Source: DatBrian

The first crystal which is the Pink crystal is on Adoption Island, over the Stone Bridge. Follow the road to the right after you pass the Pink crystal until you come to a Red Bridge. The second crystal which is the Blue crystal can be found here.

Crystals 7

From the position of the Blue crystal, proceed down the road to find the final crystal. Keep going until you come across a Wooden Bridge. Because of the trees surrounding it, finding the Green crystal can be challenging.

Make sure you visit these crystals so they can be lit up, and the final item may be summoned.



You can only get to the Trophy if you ignite all three crystals. Once you’ve finished, head over to Captain Arg and pay him five in-game currency so you can board his ship and travel to the Sky Castle.

Trophy 1

You can also ride your flying pet to get to the Sky Castle. Enter the Sky Castle and climb the steps to get to the upper deck. The trampolines outside allow you to ascend to the Sky Castle’s highest point.

Trophy 2

The Trophy is located atop the Sky Castle’s peak. Obtain it to earn the Adopt Me! RB Battle Challenge Badge.

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