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Roblox: How to Get New Backrooms Morphs

Follow the clues in the Badges to obtain the new skins.

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Roblox How to Get New Backrooms Morphs

Play the Roblox game Backrooms Morphs to change into characters from your favorite video games, animated series, movies, and more. You could, for instance, change into Spongebob or Jake the dog.

There are four new skins to the game in a recent update inspired by the recently released survival-horror Choo-Choo Charles. You must solve puzzles to locate them to acquire these.

We’ll teach you how to get all of the new skins with this tutorial.



Source: Doge Roblox

Finding the trophy is the key to getting the Ghost skin. Teleport to the Theater and proceed to the back of the stage to do this.

Ghost 1

Source: Doge Roblox

Obtain the hammer and then use it to break through the vents. Go inside the room with the green door first, then the one with the blue door.

Open another door. This time, it is the yellow-colored one on the left. Slide down the pink slide.

Ghost 2

To unlock the Ghost skin, get the trophy.

Default Train

Default Train

The train in the Choo-Choo Charles game is the second skin. You need to have 150 unlocked skins before you can get this skin.

After leaving the room, turn left and go until you get to two slides. Choose the blue slide.

Default Train 1

Turn right and enter the vent next to the ladder. This is where the 150 unlocked skins are needed. Enter through the hole, then unlock the door.

Default Train 2

The trophy needed to unlock the Default Train skin is inside the room.

Choo-Choo Charles

Choo Choo Charles

Source: Doge Roblox

The following skin is the Choo-Choo Charles skin.

The room containing the skin requires a battery, so head to the back of the spawn and get one. After leaving the spawn and entering the vent, turn right and continue until you come to a sign with a portal.

Turn right from the portal sign, then make a left turn.

Choo Choo Charles 1

Enter this narrow passageway, then use the batteries on the device by the wall to construct a bridge. Go to the other side and go inside the door.

Choo Choo Charles 2

Go to the left room, the one with the slide. The Choo-Choo Charles skin trophy is hidden underneath the slide.



The Aristocrat skin is the final one. You’ll need a crowbar and a friend to help you get this skin. You can obtain a crowbar by the vent that has a ladder when you get the Default Train skin.

Aristocrat 1

When you arrive at F Letter’s Cave, use the crowbar to open the prison door below you. The Aristocrat Skin is obtainable in this room. But before you can receive it, you need assistance from a friend.

Aristocrat 2

There is a button on top of the jail. To get the skin, your friend needs to be on top.

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