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Roblox: How to Beat the Violent Night Event in TDS

Breeze through the violence with this flaming strategy!





It’s almost Christmas… You can just feel it around you. As means to celebrate, Roblox TDS has launched a new event named Violent Night. This event contains an array of interesting new features: A new Season Pass, a new event tower named the Elf Camp, new skins… among many other sweet surprises!

The Tower Defense Simulator can become quite an exciting experience. Defeating horde after horde of countless enemies may seem monotone at first but… The number of strategies you can experiment with is mind-blowing.

As such, we would like to share with you an effective strategy you can employ to beat the Violent Night. However, be aware that this method will require 4 players, so keep that in mind if you want to continue reading.

Setting up the strategy

Setting up the strategy
Source: JustHarrison

To explain how the strategy works, we’ll need to first explain which units each player should have and how they must set them on the battlefield. As you can see in the image, each unit has a color that identifies it on the placement map. All you need to do is set the units in the way the image shows them.

Player 1 will have to buy all the plots in the first ring (yes, the first… NOT the second). Then, place 6 level 2 engineers and further upgrade them to level 3.

You will also need to place 7 level 0 scouts. After you’re done with the scouts, you will need to upgrade all engineers to the MAX level. Your last task will be to spam minigunners.

Player 2
Source: JustHarrison

As for Player 2… This strategy seems very similar to what player 1 is doing. However, there a few key differences that may prove vital to surviving the event and beating the night. Remember to place each unit according to the positions shown on the image.

Player 2 must buy all the plots in the first ring and then, place 6 lvl 2 engineers. After that you want to upgrade all the engineers to lvl 5. Place a max medic and use his ability when a stun happens. Proceed now to max the lvl of the engineers and spam lvl 2 minigunners.

Player 3
Source: JustHarrison

Player 3 will need to get the commanders all set and working! remember to place them in the innards of the ring.

Player 3 must buy all the plots and get 3 lvl 2 commanders. After this, player 3 wants to max all the towers and all the commanders to the max lvl. After that and, as in previous scenarios, you want to spam lvl 2 minigunners.

Player 4
Source: JustHarrison

Player 4 will oversee the DJ. For the first step, you will need to buy all the plots and then place the DJ and upgrade him to the max level. After that, place 12 level 2 minigunners and upgrade them to level 3. Our last step will be to upgrade all minigunners to level 3.

That is all for this strategy guide! If every step of it is followed to the letter, we are pretty sure you will beat the violent night in no time!

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