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Returnal: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | Tips and Tricks

Learn all these before you start playing Returnal

Romeli Daclizon



Returnal Ultimate Beginners Guide

The release of Returnal for the PC is getting closer than ever.

It was previously released on the PlayStation last 2021, so if you have played it on the console, you will be familiar with its gameplay.

However, if you are a beginner to the game, we will help you familiarize yourself with its mechanics.

Below are tips and tricks to help you at the beginning of the game.

Returnal Tips and Tricks for Beginners

called a cycle.
Source: Broke Casual Gamer

In Returnal, a session is called a cycle.

If you die in a cycle, everything will reset except one currency.

Also, permanent equipment still carries on after you die in a cycle like the Atropian Sword.


Ether 1
Source: Broke Casual Gamer

There are different kinds of currencies in Returnal. One is Ether, and the other is Obolite.

The former is rarer than the latter.

However, dying on a cycle will reset your Obolite to zero while retaining the amount of Ether you have.

a purple crystal
Malignant Items
Source: Broke Casual Gamer

Ether is a purple crystal used to purify Malignant Items. Picking up malignant items has a chance of making your suit malfunction, but with Ether, they can be safe to pick up.

Ether can also be used on Cthonos, a tower near the Crash Site.

You can obtain a random item if you spend Ether at the Cthonos.

The last use for Ether is activating Reconstructors. These are respawning points that are very rare to find.

So if you ever find a Reconstructor, spend Ether on it as much as possible.

You can obtain Ether by investigating side routes or those marked with a dark blue doorway on the map.

There is no guarantee to gain more Ether, so you have to hope that RNG is good to you every cycle you make in the game.

defeating enemies
Source: Broke Casual Gamer

Obolites are orange shards that you can find by defeating enemies. They can be used on Fabricators to buy items like consumables and artifacts.

Obolite Crystals give large amounts of Obolites once you smash it with a melee attack.

This is also one of the ways to get extra suit integrity.

Suit Integrity and Adrenaline

HP bar
Source: Broke Casual Gamer

Suit integrity is the HP bar in the game located in the lower-left corner of the screen.

You can increase your suit integrity by collecting Silphium Resin.

Silphium Resin

Do not get hit as much as possible.

Adrenaline is obtained every time you kill an enemy without taking damage.

When it reaches level 5, you can earn 50% more Obolites making it one of the reasons why you should not get hit as much as possible.

Shielded Enemies and Secret Rooms

melee attack
Source: Broke Casual Gamer

While exploring, you will encounter enemies with red shields that deflect incoming attacks.

To destroy it, you need to use a melee attack on them first, then use your primary weapon to kill the enemy.

Malformed Hostiles 1

There are also secret rooms in the game, and sometimes mini-bosses are waiting for you called Malformed Hostiles, and they can one-shot you if you are not paying attention.

Co-op Mode


Lastly, if you want to co-op with other people, interact with the enormous glowing sphere called the Chronosis found in the Landing Site.

We hope this guide helped you familiarize yourself with the mechanics of Returnal.

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