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Returnal: Tower of Sisyphus Guide

Tips and tricks to improve your play in the endless Tower of Sisyphus.




Returnal Tower of Sisyphus Guide

The Tower of Sisyphus is an endless game mode added to Returnal as part of the Ascension update. It’s also available in the new PC version of the game.

In this mode, you climb the titular Tower of Sisyphus while battling against hordes of enemies. An extreme challenge meant for veterans of the game’s story.

If you’re looking to get started and dive into this game mode, you’ve come to the right place. Read on and we’ll go over various helpful tips and tricks.

Tower of Sisyphus Guide for Returnal

Configure Your Settings

Configure Your Settings
Source: Mikiwi

You may have already configured your settings as you played the game’s story or attempted the Tower of Sisyphus previously. However, it’s worth reminding you of the recommended settings to use.

First off, you’ll want to enable the Auto-Sprint setting so that you’re always sprinting. This obviously makes it easier to move around faster, but might take some getting use to.

You also want to set the Aim Assist to High. Returnal is a hectic game but thankfully doesn’t require precision shooting, so the generous Aim Assist will greatly help you dispatch your foes.

Finally, you’ll want to set your Crosshair Size to Big to make it easier to aim.

Remember, these are only recommended settings. If you find that they don’t fit you and hinder you more than they help, feel free to pick other options.

Unlock All Upgrades

Unlock All Upgrades
Source: lunlunqq001 on Reddit

The Tower of Sisyphus is extremely challenging and is meant to be played when you already know your way around the game.

As such, you’ll want to work toward unlock all the permanent upgrades in Returnal’s story mode before you take on the challenge of the Tower of Sisyphus.

It’s also recommended to beat the game’s story at least once before tackling the endless tower. This should at least ensure you’re capable enough to last a long time in the tower.

Related to unlocking upgrades, you’ll also want to ensure you unlock all traits for the various weapons by using them. Traits unlocked in the story carry over to this game mode as well.

Finish Rooms Quickly

Finish Rooms Quickly
Source: Returnal Steam Page

Killing every enemy in a room quickly will not just give you a higher score, it will give you a higher number of Obolites.

Just like in the story mode, Obolites are used to purchase items from the shop, which should greatly help you have an easier time as you explore the Tower of Sisyphus.

Pick the Right Upgrades

Pick the Right Upgrades
Source: TheGamesEntertainer

Generally speaking, you should always pick either Damage or Protection upgrades from Bonus Rooms.

Integrity is important, sure, but you’ll likely max it out naturally through killing bosses and picking up resins.

As such, definitely prioritize Damage and Protection in Bonus Rooms. Ultimately, they’re more important to your success.

Also, make sure to always pick up Shield Vials in shops. These show up frequently and cost 100 Obolites. These are extremely useful as they will save you from being one-shot by enemies.

Look For Disgorgers

Tower of Sisyphus
Source: uBennett2win1t on Reddit

Disgorgers are a new consumable exclusive to the Tower of Sisyphus.

These items give your weapon a powerful one-time attack. While it has extremely limited uses, the damage you can dish out with them is incredible.

Only one Disgorger can be carried at a time. Consider saving them for tougher encounters, such as bosses. You can also use them when you’re a tight spot.

Use All Your Tools

Atropian Blade
Source: VagrantPistol on Reddit

You should make the most of everything in your arsenal as you play the Tower of Sisyphus.

For example, don’t ignore your Atropian Blade. It’s extremely powerful and can instantly kill weaker enemies. It can also stun enemies that it doesn’t outright kill.

Also, don’t forget your grapple. Zip around whenever things get hectic to give yourself some breathing room. You have some invincibility while zipping, as well. Take advantage of it.

With everything we’ve told you in mind, you should have an easier time going through the Tower of Sisyphus. Good luck, this game mode is extremely challenging!

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