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Returnal: How to Unlock Weapon Traits Quickly

Unlock Weapon Traits quickly by killing a certain enemy.

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Returnal How to Unlock Weapon Traits Quickly

There are a total of ten weapons in Returnal, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are great at close range while others excel at longer range.

There’s also a way to improve their effectiveness even further. That’s by unlocking weapon traits, and we will show you how to do it as fast as possible.

Quickly Unlocking Weapon Traits

Quickly Unlocking Weapon Traits

Source: moonshake

Picking up a weapon in the game will give it random traits. These traits provide additional effects that can make a weapon even more powerful.

Upon discovering a trait, you’ll find that it is locked. As such, you first need to kill a certain amount of enemies to unlock it permanently.

At the same time, you can increase your Weapon Proficiency for your weapons to have more traits.

This means that a higher-leveled weapon trait will be available, and you need to kill more enemies to unlock it.

Quickly Unlocking Weapon Traits 1

Source: moonshake

If you unlock weapon traits faster, you’ll have to reach Biome 6 first. In Biome 6, you’ll encounter an enemy that looks like an octopus and will spawn mini versions of it.

It won’t stop spawning these smaller ones until you kill the parent. This means you can take advantage of it to unlock weapon traits even faster.

With this method, you can easily unlock higher-level traits that require many enemies to kill.

However, unlocking weapon traits is tedious, so we recommend only doing so for the weapon you like to use in the game.

With this, you can now unlock more traits for your weapons and make them even stronger, allowing you to kill enemies and bosses with ease.

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