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Returnal: Can You Jump Higher | Movement Guide

Quick fingers are needed for this technique

Romeli Daclizon



Returnal Can You Jump Higher Movement Guide

In games, there are movement techniques that allow you to move quickly or jump higher that need a combination of movements to do it.

For example, there is the bunny hop in FPS games and the dash cancel or wave dash in platform games.

There is also one in Returnal, which can make you jump higher; we will show you how you can do it.

Jump Higher in Returnal

Jump Higher in Returnal
Source: UprisenGaming

In Returnal, there is the DMJ movement technique. It is a combination of a Dash, Melee, and Jump.

To do it, you must have already obtained the Atropian Sword.

If you have it, you only need to Dash, then cancel it by pressing the Melee button, then cancel it again with the Jump button.

Doing it correctly will make your character launch forward. This is the quickest way to move from one point to another.

So instead of using the average Jump + Dash, use the DMJ for more distance and higher jump.

Source: UprisenGaming

You will see your character pulling out the Atropian Sword in your first attempts.

But you will only see your character jumping as you get faster by doing it repeatedly.

Atropian Sword
Source: UprisenGaming

One way to make this technique easier is to change your key bindings.

As it will come out for the PC, you can test what key binds are good for you.

For example, in the PlayStation, if you put Dash to L1 and Melee to R1, it will be easier to execute the DMJ technique.

Additionally, using this technique against enemies is excellent as their attacks will not reach you due to zooming around.

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