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PS5 Controller Not Working in Games But Works on Home Screen Fix

Fix your faulty PS5 controller so it will work in-game.




PS5 Controller Not Working in Games But Works on Home Screen Fix

So, you are ready to load up a game and start playing, but as soon as you get into the game, your controller doesn’t work.

The odd thing is that it does work on the home screen, but it stops functioning as soon as you are in a game.

This can be a frustrating and confusing issue that may make some resort to buying a brand-new controller.

However, it’s relatively easy to fix, and we’ll show you how in this guide so you don’t have to spend money on a new controller!

How to Fix Your PS5 Controller

How to Fix Your PS5 Controller 1

Source: Android Central

Here are a few issues that could be causing this issue:

Buttons Sticking

One of the common reasons behind your controller working on the menu but not in-game is a button being constantly pressed.

The buttons that are usually subjected to this issue are the trigger.

Luckily, this is a straightforward fix. Simply push the triggers up and then back down. Repeat this a few times to ensure the buttons are no longer sticking in place.

Shut Down Your PS5

Another way to fix this issue is the manually turn off your PS5 by pressing and holding the power button, then turning it around and unplugging the console.

Leave the console unplugged for about a minute, then plug it back in.

Restart the Controller

How to Fix Your PS5 Controller

Source: YTechB

If the two previous solutions did not help, try restarting the PS5 controller. To do this, locate the small hole on the back of the controller and use a small object like a toothpick, and press the button within the hole for about 10-15 seconds.

This will cause the controller to reset.

If none of these options work, you may have a faulty controller and may need to get another one.

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