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Police Simulator Patrol Officers: How to Use Radar

Use the radar to find the pesky speeders

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Police Simulator Patrol Officers How to Use Radar

Police Simulator Patrol Officers is a simulator game that allows players to play as officers in Brighton. Players have the ability to do their job diligently, but they can also do wacky stuff as officers of the law.

There are many activities you can do in the game as a blue boy. One of these is to use your radar gun to spot some car troublemakers. This equipment is said to be very hard for players to try out since it’s a bit unorthodox to use.

Luckily, this guide is going to teach you how to use your radar gun to catch some unsuspecting lawbreakers. Let’s dive in.

How to Use Radar Gun

After progressing through the game, when you have gathered enough experience, you will be gifted your first radar gun.

During your after-shift, you receive a notification indicating that you have unlocked the new tool.

How to Use Radar Gun
Image source: Gametagion

Before you needlessly just clock in on everyone, you need to know what the speed limit is first.

According to the handbook, the standard speed is 25mph unless otherwise stated.

That would be a good starting point but some roads take in less, so make sure you check the signs to know the exact limit.

check the signs
Image source: Gametagion

Once you know the speed limit, the best place to get catch some speeders is on an overpass or a comfortable one off the side of a long road like the illustration above.

This will make sure that you will catch speeders in the act the nonce you do, simply report them.

That’s how you use your radar. Follow this guide to effectively use it!

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