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Police Simulator Patrol Officers: How to Report Speeders

Put a halt to pesky speeders using this trick




Police Simulator Patrol Officers How to Report Speeders

Police Simulator Patrol Officers have you doing numerous police force tasks. These tasks include catching criminals, issuing tickets, reporting speeders, investigating incidents, and many more! One of these tasks requires a more in-depth explanation like reporting speeders.

After a while of doing police tasks, you will be given a radar gun that you will use that will aid you in capturing pesky speeders.

There’s also another way but we’ll get into that later. This guide will teach you to report speeders once you’ve caught them. Let’s get to it right away!

How to Catch Speeders

Before we get into the details of reporting, we need to take a look into how you can even capture a speeder in the first place. There are mainly two ways, using your radar gun and pacing in your patrol vehicle.

Pointing your radar gun at an ideal location like an overpass or beside a long straight road will reveal their speed.

Usually, the speed limit on most roads is 25mph with certain roads that go for less. To make sure, you can simply check the sign on the sidewalk that indicates the speed limit.

How to Catch Speeders
Image source: r3turngaming

Another method is pacing. This one is easy since all you have to do is follow them closely behind your car. This will induce the civilian to pull over, offering you the opportunity to arrest them.

Image source: Steam

How to Report Speeders

Reporting is as easy as pushing a single button. Once you have their speed limit on record, simply press the F key to report them.

The speed limit will be indicated on the lower right of your screen. You also have the option to discord the report by pressing the g button.

How to Report Speeders

That’s all you need to know regarding reporting and catching the speedsters. Simply follow the steps to quickly accomplish this task.

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