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Police Simulator Patrol Officers: How to Play Multiplayer

Take on Police Simulator along with your wacky duo

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Police Simulator Patrol Officers How to Play Multiplayer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a police officer in an urbanized city? Well look no further, Police Simulator Patrol Officers allow you to be exactly like that.

But now, with a friend of your choice. The multiplayer update was added in 2021, which means you can share your wacky adventure with your friends.

Sure that sounds exciting but how can players even play co-op or multiplayer? The multiplayer option can be easily found.

This guide is going to show you how exactly players can do the multiplayer option in Police Simulator Patrol Officers. Let’s get started

How to Play Multiplayer

Multiplayer allows players to play the police simulator game of up to 2 players. They can do missions, do wacky stuff, and ride patrol cars together. Here’s how to use the multiplayer mode.

How to Play Multiplayer
Image source: Simulatoradventures

Players can join random players by joining their server or hosting a server themselves and waiting for their friend to join.

To do this, press “M” in the shift selection or “ESC”. Once you’re in the menu, select “Multiplayer” which you can also do in-game.  Once you and your friend start joining each other’s servers, you will be spawned into the police district of your choice.

Both of you will be at your office desks, typing away like you’re both on blue-collared jobs. To start off your adventure, simply head outside where you will unlock a big city full of possibilities and wacky adventures.

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